Sugar Swings! Serve Some: ginger cupcakes with wasabi kit kat frosting.....!

Friday, November 5, 2010

ginger cupcakes with wasabi kit kat frosting.....! who likes ginger.....???.....these are ginger cupcakes with wasabi kit kat buttercream filled with ginger preserves.....!...say that 3 times fast......

......if you happen to be a ginger freak...and meaning a lot of ginger....not ginger ale or gingerbread men cookies....the real spicy hard core ginger without all the holiday spices to go along with it....then, this is the cupcake for you.....

....made with australian crystallized ginger and ground ginger in the cupcake itself.....ginger preserves as the filling....and for a twist on a fav food, sushi (the picked ginger and wasabi are sometimes the best part)....wasabi kit kats (for anyone that can't read japanese) mixed into buttercream....!....apparently in japan there are a plethora of kit kat flavors, there's a blog dedicated to it......who knew?....aloe vera yogurt or soy sauce kit kats anyone???.....anyway, read about the wasabi flavored ones on cakespy's blog earlier this year and had a friend who just happened to be in japan for work.....text'd him that nite to bring me back some and he totally did.... the wonders of technology brought wasabi kit kats the next week.....the wafers are in white chocolate flavored with wasabi (at least think that's what it is, have do some rosetta stone japanese to be sure...)....they are still sweet and actually not too spicy, but you definitely get a wasabi flavor.......wanted to do something with them, but couldn't figure out what until the ginger cupcake recipe came the buttercream is just a vanilla buttercream with chopped up wasabi kit kats in them---with just a smidge of green food gel to match the kit kat color.....

...the 3 ginger flavors in the cupcake itself are something else....the crystallized ginger is really very good on its own--sweet and spicy at the same time, and the ginger preserves is a bit of the same but a little more mellow.....the cake itself is pretty dense too---it actually makes a great combo and with the wasabi kit kat definitely only need 1 or maybe 2.....!....also note to self...if you chop up anything and put it into the frosting and want to pipe it....make sure the pieces are small enough to fit through the tip....!

...these are for my 15th anniversary....what better way to celebrate an awesome marriage then with a sweet & spicy cupcake....!

....also entering these into sweetest kitchen's mystery cupcake challenge, because i am a glutton for punishment......actually it's creative and definitely need more of that around everyone comes up with some really unique ideas.....!
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  1. I LOVE ginger and wasabi! I must admit though, those Kit Kats have me a little wary ;)

  2. I'm not sure if I like all those ingredients but the pictures alone make me REALLY want to try it! What a unique and YUMMY looking recipe!

    Thanks for linking up to last week's What's Cooking Wednesday!

    Be sure to stop by and link up some more great recipes!

  3. Kit Kats AND cupcakes - now that sounds like a combination right up my alley. I might have to order some more wasabi Kit Kats just to try these.

    Thanks for the link!

  4. This is one interesting cupcake. I've never seen wasabi kit-kats where I live.

  5. I love the idea of ginger and wasabi together, as you said, like you'd use for sushi. My cupcakes were also inspired by a savory treat. Good luck!

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