Sugar Swings! Serve Some: pink velvet cupcakes!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

pink velvet cupcakes! even though i've only done red velvet cupcakes from a box.....ran across pink velvet in my explorations in the baking blogdom velvet is red velvet's "little sister"....whatever that means....regardless, decided to give it a go tonite...if you live under a rock and have never heard of red velvet cupcakes, it's basically a chocolate cake made with buttermilk and vinegar with lots and lots of red food this pink velvet uses white chocolate, half and half, and a tiny bit of pink food coloring gel.....that's kinda opposite, right?....

....after baking the cupcakes sank a little...anyone know why?....the batter seemed really "fluffy" and buttery.....maybe it was whipped up too much???....i've noticed that happens with some recipes though....usually some of the from scratch recipes, the box mixes never do this.......must be all those artificial ingredients and preservatives....!

....2 bars (4 oz each) of this was nuked until just melty and added to the batter......

....used a vanilla buttercream icing and just a few of these on top......thought they should be kept simple....but they are carnival sprinkles so much more fun than regular sprinkles (jimmies to those from south jersey)....!

....they came out pretty cute, and the cake is really moist and a little red velvet....!'s more of the color....i think i'll call these pinky tuscaderos' from now on......anyone, anyone....?...oh oh oh, should have done a chocolate fonzi next too one of these....! time.....! of the kiddos has to get bloodwork done i'm bringing these pinky tuscaderos in for the ladies there because they have been so awesome....super quick and super nice to the screaming kid that has been to their office way too many times in her short 3+ years....they are also for this month's breast cancer awareness (go check your pinky tuscaderos if you have them---see how i did that...?)....anyway, enjoy!


  1. Pink velvet?! Wow, I followed your link to the site where you got the recipe, and your cupcakes are a milllion % cuter. That's awesome!

  2. aw, thanks! and thanks for stopping by and posting!

  3. These look lovely!!!

  4. These look fabulous. I did a purple velvet cake for my birthday last year ( my blog name is Purple Chocolat Home). Can you guess why I did purple?!! I love pink velvet. I may have to try that. These do look so moist and delicious. Hoped over from What's Cookin' Wed.

  5. I don't live under a rock, I simply live outside America.. Out here, in the rest of the world, Red Velvet Cake isn't a big deal, so I'd never heard of it before :P

  6. The melted chocolate is what makes it sink. I make a white chocolate cupcake and they Also sink. Just use less chocolate if you don't want that to happen:)


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