Sugar Swings! Serve Some: halloween brownies!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

halloween brownies!

....simple, simple, simple....and if you have kiddos, these are pretty easy so they can help make them too (if you can keep your type A personality in check and let go having perfectly symmetrical stripes---not that i had that problem at all, no not at all...i definitely do not mind having overlapping stripes all over the place and pumpkins not perfectly, not at all, really not at all)....

.....anyway, make your favorite brownie mix (i made them more "cake-y" so it's easier to cut them out)....and you'll need these....michael's has the neat "spooky" green color out now....

...and these....

.....found the pumpkin and skull molds at a dollar type store for 99 cents each...wasn't sure if they would work well, but they did the job just fine...and a round cookie cutter to make the round brownies...however not really necessary at all and you could just cut out brownies squares......

.....melt the candy melts in a plastic baggie for 30 seconds at a time till it's all melty...."pipe" into the molds and then pop into the freezer for a few minutes (they should come right out of the molds without any trouble)....when you have them all done, have the kids just squirt some melted candy all over the cut out brownies and plop a molded candy in the middle before it dries.....and remember this is all for fun and do not to yell at your 6-year old..."i said in the middle...!".......because he or she may look at you like you're a bit nuts then say...."sorry mommy"......and you don't want to have to think about how you traumatized your kid while making brownies for "fun".......anyway, they were tasty and the chocolate feinds around here loved them especially with the spooky it halloween yet???

....spooky house we did from a kit for "fun" as well....!

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  1. This Post is really cute!
    I love it, the ones with the pumpkins are gorgeous.
    Lovely regards,

    xx, Jana from petit fournil de paris.


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