Sugar Swings! Serve Some: for the hot hot summer days...watermelon cupcakes!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

for the hot hot summer days...watermelon cupcakes!

...actually just fresh watermelon is much better for these 98 degree+ days, but I had a ton so figured I'd try something with it. These are watermelon cake with watermelon cream cheese icing with chocolate pieces for the "seeds"....but they look better than they tasted (for me the cake was too sweet--the only real recipe I found for watermelon cake used a box of watermelon jello added to the cake mix in addition to pieces of real watermelon, but way too sweet IMHO). The icing was really good though, and I also used it on plain vanilla cupcakes. They were pretty awesome. It uses real watermelon juice and has a very subtle watermelon flavor. I did use a lot more confectioners sugar than the recipe called for so it was more "pipeable"--I'd definitely use this frosting again but not the cake!


  1. cool recipe... i think!!!!

  2. The cupcakes look awsome and i love the photo of the non iced cupcakes.


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