Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Cute Animal Madeleine Cookie Pops (a la Trendy Animal Cakes)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cute Animal Madeleine Cookie Pops (a la Trendy Animal Cakes)

Do you love all the trendy animal themed cakes going around the interwebs? 

The most famous is the unicorn cake of course.  

I recently made one for my daughter's 11th birthday along with a Marvel themed cake for her twin!

I really wanted to make all the animals in cake form but then I got realistic and decided on madeleine cookie pops.

I have a madeleine pan that my sister gave me years ago and I love using it.  1) Because the madeleine cookie recipe is so simple and 2) Madeleine cookies are one of my favs because they are more like little cakes!

Once baked and cooled I used various colors of candy melts/chocolates and sprinkles to transform them into cute animals.  

Fox & Bear

Bunny Rabbit & Sheep

Deer & Llama

 And of course a Narwhal & Unicorn!

I love seeing them all together and if I had more time would have loved to add other cute animals to the collection! Don't forget to add those trendy closed eyes with eyelashes!

Wrap them up and bring them to a summer party or use as party gifts.

Which is your fav animal??

Thanks for swinging by - is it summer or winter where you live?

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