Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Rainbow Carrot Sugar Cookies

Monday, April 3, 2017

Rainbow Carrot Sugar Cookies

Happy April all! I've got an edible cookie craft this week for ya.  You all know my fascination with rainbow foods right?? Well I can't get enough of rainbow carrots.  I first ran into them at Trader Joes and had to buy a bunch.  I mean look how cool they look!

I made rainbow carrot cupcakes with them already so I felt the need to recreate them in some other sweet treat.  Like in cookie form.

So you get rainbow carrot shaped sugar cookies!

I used store-bought sugar cookie dough to speed up the process but tried to use all natural powders to tint the dough.  I've been on a healthy eating kick so have been trying to also avoid food gels - not totally but I do like to try to get cool vibrant colors without the added dyes.  

And I love the way these colors came out.  Carrot powder, red hibiscus powder, turmeric, and powdered freeze dried blueberries (I did add a bit of food gel to the last one because I wanted a deeper blue/purple color).  

Then just shape your carrots with the dough.  It's easy because they don't need to be perfect or all the same size.  That's what makes these multi colored carrots so fun.

I did freeze the cookies for about 15 minutes before baking as I was hoping they would hold their shape a bit more - but you can see they do flatten a bit.

But I still think they look pretty unique and carrot like - or maybe like peppers - rainbow peppers??

Melt some green candy wafers and attach some carrot "stems" aka edible Easter grass.  You can find this fun stuff in the Easter candy aisles of your favorite retail or drug store or Amazon of course!

The powders don't really add much flavor to the cookies but they do add some great natural color to the cookies.  Serve both this Easter - some rainbow carrots as a side dish and then some rainbow carrot (or pepper!) cookies for dessert!

Thanks for "hopping" by! And Happy Spring and almost Easter to those who celebrate!

Rainbow Carrot Sugar Cookies

  • 1 roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough (or your favorite sugar cookie recipe)
  • 1/2 cup light green melting candy wafers/melts
  • Green edible grass
  • Powders for tinting dough (2 teaspoons of each hibiscus powder, powdered freeze dried blueberries, turmeric, carrot) - I did use a little purple food gel to get a deeper purple color
  1. Divide cookie dough into 5 even sections
  2. Kneed powder colors into cookie dough.  For deeper colors you can add 1 drop of food gel.
  3. Take sections of each color and roll into carrot shapes and lay onto cookie sheet. 
  4. Freeze cookie sheet for 10-15 minutes.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes or until cookies are just barely starting to brown.
  6. Melt green candy wafers in microwave safe bowl in 10-15 second intervals.
  7. Add some candy to top of each carrot and attach some of the edible grass as stems.
  8. Let harden 10 minutes.
Prep time: 60 minutes Yield: about 30 carrot cookies


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