Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Watermelon Angel Food Bundt Cake Plus more Bundts!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Watermelon Angel Food Bundt Cake Plus more Bundts!

Is it really almost the end of summer??? I've been seeing lots of back to school pics on my Facebook feed so it must be that time again.  But as usual I'm not ready.  I've been crazy busy at my regular day job and feel like I haven't even started summer yet.  

And on top of that my oldest kiddo just turned 12 this month.  12!!! And my twins (the babies) are now 9.  9!!!!! Nine is big kid territory so I'm trying to really just enjoy time with them as much as possible (which usually means trying to pry them away from their electronic devices - although its been so hot its really hard to do anything outside these days).

Anyhoo, I'm finally back into baking again.  I took some time off this summer because I was just not into it, but I think I'm finally getting back into a groove.  

Since it feels like summer just got here, I thought something watermelony was needed.  This recipe is super simple and uses an angel food box cake to start it off.  A little dark green icing gives great contrast and a watermelon like look!

It's a light and airy cake with watermelon flavor - perfect for these hot August days.  

Well hot if you are in this area!

See more details here at sheknows

And if you like bundt cakes (like me!) here are some others that you may like!

Halloween Bundt Cake (also made with natural food colors)

Thanks for swinging by! Have an AWESOME WEEKEND!

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