Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Waffled Cupcake Stacks

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Waffled Cupcake Stacks

So have you ever just needed to smash up some stuff?? I have many reasons for that lately.  

1) I have to wear a dumb boot around for the next 4 weeks as I apparently have a stress fracture on top of my left foot.  

Said dumb boot
Not from some super coolio reason like I missed landing a fake ollie on the snowboard or a freak accident like an NYC taxi cab ran over it - no it's just from normal wear and tear.  How boring right?? Getting old plain stinks. And 2) Trekking around on a boot into NYC for my day job is a royal pain in the arse plus (I also really need a better story for what happened) And 3) this is throwing a major curve ball into my regular exercise routine - so my normal outlet for releasing some much needed steam is not really working out so well either.  BLAH. BLAH. BLAH.

So I took it out on some innocent cupcakes.   

But then I felt really bad and made them into cute little desserts.

With a cherry on top of course.  

See all the details for Waffled Cupcake Stacks here at sheknows!


  1. These are so cute (and delicious looking!) I say make up a great story about your foot =o) Totally outragious and then just look at them and smile.

  2. This is so creative! What a great way to bring new life to cupcakes; I love it! I hope you heal soon and are back to doing ollies on your snowboard! :)

    1. Thanks Sue me too (and the ollies part is all talk, I just listen to the little hucksters on the mountain!)

  3. I love waffles and this is a super great idea! :-)


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