Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Molded Chocolate Surprise Inside Cupcakes

Monday, February 17, 2014

Molded Chocolate Surprise Inside Cupcakes

Hey there everyone! I shared these awhile back over at The Southern Institute, but thought I'd share a little more detail on making them.

It seems like surprise inside treats are over the place these days.  Stuff inside cakes, chocolate, cheesecakes, cupcakes, pretzels, etc.  Pretty much anything goes if you can sneak something into another something sweet.  

I had also wanted to use this Wilton Candy 3-D mold.  It's relatively simple to use too.  


  1. Fill to a designated line on the mold with melted chocolate or candy melt. 
  2. Snap the top into place so the candy fills in the mold and also hollows out the cupcake top and bottom. 
  3. Let harden and pop out of the mold.  I put mine in the freezer to let the chocolate harden faster.  Any chocolate or candy melt pops out of molds easier when very cold. 
  4. Fill the bottoms with your candy of choice (I went with Sweetarts Hearts).
  5. Add more melted chocolate around the rim. 
  6. Attach the cupcake tops.

You could really fill with these with any small candies you like for the surprise (great for using up leftover candy from Valentines Day too) but I thought Sweetarts would work well for this.

For the cupcake tops, I added a few different candy melt colors to a zip lock bag and then melted in the microwave.  Once all melty, you can swirl the colors around in the bag before adding to the mold.  Once assembled you can add a large sprinkle on top to finish it off (attached with more melted candy).  You can really design and decorate your cupcakes however you like.  Smaller sprinkles all over a solid color cupcake top would be really pretty and cute too.

They are really festive on their own but the surprise candy inside makes them even better.  Especially since you need to break them open.   If you didn't want to have candy inside you could even write a sweet little note.  A special little something-something to your little one or significant other.  "I love you hon, please put away your clothes when they are folded in the laundry basket." That would work well, right??

These were wrapped up as special Valentines for the kids teachers but I think they would be super cute birthday or shower favors too.  You could totally color coordinate with the the party.

See? Some really colorful "cupcakes" for anyone who may be tired of the real thing (but really is anyone besides my kids tired of cupcakes?). Not me! But for some kids (or adults) that can't eat gluten this also is a great way to give them a cupcake too!

Wishing you all a great President's Day Week.  Here's hoping you get a great deal on an appliance or mattress (ha!).  

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