Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Deviled egg mini cakes for the Summer Picnic Party

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Deviled egg mini cakes for the Summer Picnic Party

So it's full blown summer out! Here on the east coast it's been in the 90-100 degree range for awhile, the cicadas are singing their hot summer song, and it's totally picnic season.  This picnic is hosted by Hani from Haniela's and Beth from Hungry Happenings - both ladies that are pretty amazing and always come up with some pretty spectacular food ideas.  They invited me to their Summer Picnic Party - and as with all great picnics, everyone is bringing a yumtastic dish (click on the pics below!).   (PS there is also a Picnic Party Giveaway! Lot's more info on the party listed down below!!!)

I decided on some deviled eggs, because all picnics need some of these fun finger foods right? And who can resist the smell of a good deviled egg sitting in the sun all day at a hot ole' picnic.  Oh yeah, MMMmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm yum.   I loves me a hot and gooey deviled egg.

OK the sarcasm came through in writing right??  And I just know I had you mouth on floor and totally fooled, thinking "What the what? This blog is supposed to be all sugar 24/7 - the name of the blog is Sugar Swings for pete's sake, what are cooked stinky eggs doing in a post??" Yup, I know, I know.  Of course these are mini cakes for the picnic! (Indulge me and pretend I did indeed fool you and you didn't read the title of the post!!!)

These are made using a Wilton mini egg pan I got a gagillion years ago.  I think I've maybe used it 3 times total, so was happy to use it for this party.  I just used some boxed cake batter I had left over (this was a white cake).

Bake 'em up for only about 7 minutes or so (they are really small) and when cooled, scoop out a tiny half circle so it looks like 1/2 of an egg.

Dip in melted white chocolate or candy melt.  If the candy is too thick, add a little shortening to thin it a bit so your dipping goes smoother.  I also froze the cakes for about 1/2 hour so they were not so crumbly when dipping.

Side bar: I have decided I really really (really) don't like dipping stuff in candy melt - I'm just not good at it or don't have the patience.  You cake pop queens and kings deserve some major props for doing it all the time and so well!

Let harden, then add a swirl of buttercream tinted egg yolk yellow.  And add some red sugar sprinkles to finish them off (that's supposed to be the sprinkle of paprika on top of the eggs!).  Apologies for the terrible pictures done at nite, but you get the idea at least!)

And you get some non-smelly "deviled egg" mini cakes for these hot summer days.

And yeah, granted the buttercream and candy melt could melt in the heat too, but at least you don't have to worry about the mayo going bad and giving you or your guests major stomach issues later!

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Thank you to all the amazing Giveaway Sponsors. Be sure to check out their websites below.

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THANK YOU to Hani and Beth for organizing this too - So fun and I'm totally honored to be included with this amazing group of bloggers.  


  1. Okay, this has got to be one of the most creative ideas ever. EVER!!! I love it!

    1. aww, thanks! Others I'm sure have done this before :)

  2. Kim stole my thoughts exactly! You had me fooled:) These are completely cute and creative!!!

  3. Oh, sweet! You totally fooled me - I thought they were deviled eggs! :)

    1. thanks jennifer, i brought them to a party and they did fool some too!

  4. Lol! Too cute! I was so convinved that they were real! It would also make a great April Fools treat!

    1. yeah agree, good for april fools too! (btw-i'm not sure how you can dip cake pops so much! lots of props to you!!)

  5. Despite your frustration with dipping things in melted candy coating, your eggs are pure genius and they really would food people at a picnic. I love them and am pinning. Can't wait to make these. Thanks for sharing with us at the picnic party.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. thanks so much beth, and thanks for including me in the picnic, so fun!

  6. Oh my goodness these would have everyone fooled, I LOVE Them!!!

  7. you certainly fooled me with these cuties! you little devil you! LOL
    seriously though Michele i absolutely love these clever eggs! :>D

  8. Just so you know you actually fooled me when I first saw them but then I looked closer and thought those were some sprinkles.
    I think these would be a hit at any party. I can see these for the Fool's day, too.

    1. thanks Hani, and thanks for including me, what a fun party!!

  9. You are sooo creative, I actually was almost fool when I saw them, I thought they were real eggs.

    1. thanks I think you all are being too nice about "being fooled"! I'll take it anyway!!

  10. You have got to be kidding me! LOVE these!!!! I seriously thought they were deviled eggs and I was wondering what happened to you =o) Can't wait to make these.

  11. Ummm... these are GENIUS!!! They look exactly like the real thing. It actually took me awhile to realize that they weren't! SO cool!

  12. This is such an awesome idea! I would love to be at a picnic where someone thought they were reaching for an egg and ended up with yummy cake! What a fun surprise.

  13. I want to make these for my next picnic! I love them. Now I just need to find an egg pan :o)

  14. bahahaha! You totally fooled me! I really thought they were eggs! BRILLIANT!!! This is my kind of deviled egg ;)

  15. This is my favorite of the bunch...such a fun idea!,

  16. The cookie cutter company--my kids all love cool shaped cookie cutters!

  17. I took some chocolate "deviled eggs" to school one day since all the teachers decided to have a luncheon. I laid them on the back table when I first went in and then listened to all the comments about "who left the eggs on the table, they need to be refrigerated". They were so shocked to find out they were chocolate.

  18. Oh my, I just love this idea. Your so talented!

  19. OMgosh, Michelle! I just made these and they are adorable!!!! I can't wait to post them tomorrow for April Fools Day! Thanks for the most excellent idea!!!!

  20. I would never have thought of making Deviled Egg Mini Cakes. They look so awesome. I have to share this with every one in my address book.
    Thank you for sharing.

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