Sugar Swings! Serve Some: chocolate beet and purple yam cupcakes {guest post}..!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

chocolate beet and purple yam cupcakes {guest post}..! today i'm guest posting over at Cupcakes Garden which is a new site all about cupcakes and features some really fun cupcake recipes! see more here on these unusual flavored cupcakes which were part of these fall flavored cupcake ghosts....

ghost cupcakes in fall flavors

i never really posted the how to's (except for the avocado cupcakes, that's posted here) pop over to Cupcakes Garden and find out all the details and see more!


  1. Hi Michelle! Thank you again for your guest post on my blog! It is so cool cupcakes and you mad great job!All the best from Vera :)

    1. my pleasure! thanks for the invite vera! you have some fun stuff at Cupcakes Garden :)


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