Sugar Swings! Serve Some: football brownie bars....!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

football brownie bars....!

football brownie bites

.....ok i know it's not football season anymore (pitchers and catchers have reported to sunny florida....woohoo!).....but since everyone may be in their post valentine's day - pre st. patty's day baking period.....i figured i'd post these anyway....and let's just say the grass reminds us that spring is coming....(it was actually kinda warm in the northeast today!)....

....these are gluten free brownies from a trader joe's mix....there's no levening agent in it so the brownies were pretty dense and moist on there even more reason to cut them up and top with some vanilla buttercream.....!...tinted grass green and piped on with the grass/fur tip.....(btw-one of the kiddos asked for their birthday cake to be a character that has mostly green fur.....i need to start working my hands out now for piping that one...!)

...the footballs are...what else?....candy melts!....(i promise i do not get free samples of these things from wilton.....but wilton i would surely try out any new candy melt products you have....wink wink)....they were just done free hand and when dry....some white buttercream piped on top for the "laces"....

...and you get a bunch of these.....


...doesn't the brownie make it look like little patches of cut out dirt and grass.....??

brownie bites

...and my kiddos loved these....especially this one!...(luckily they were for a party and not left around the house...!) happy almost weekend to everyone!

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  1. These are so cute! I almost made some like these for our Super Bowl party but didn't have a grass tip. You did a great job piping and decorating. Those brownies wouldn't last long here either. What furry character are you making?

  2. my boys would LOVE these-great for tailgates!

  3. Really cute and I'm sure everyone loved them:@)

  4. Adorable and Yuuuummmyyy I am sure !!

  5. So cute!! And they look so yummy too!

  6. Haha!! Love the look on his face!! They look delicious!



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