Sugar Swings! Serve Some: icing tip FAIL...!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

icing tip FAIL...! do you get a perfect plain icing swirl...? this....

or perfect this?

..i thought you just need a ginormous tip, so i got a huge one and tried it, but it was too big and didn't fit the coupler i had, so couldn't get a good swirl going....and ended up with this...

...and thus, this....yuck. the colors started to blend toward the end and looked more like a green-yellow mustard rather than bright blue, yellow, and pink swirled icing.......more practice needed, blah.


  1. Lol, its really is hard trying to make any type of swirl, but I do think you did a good job on them. Did you use a pastry bag?

  2. you are too kind...! Not a pastry bag...but baggie with a new tip which was way too i need to invest in the reusable pastry bags to use the super huge size tips....thanks for posting!

  3. I tried the same thing u did and didnt even manage that so even thou it aint perfect you should be really proud cuz it doesnt look that bad!!

  4. how do u make just the frosing


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