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Hey there! I'm Michelle, a working mom that likes to make fun edible food treats, once for just for me and family and friends, now for my 3 kiddos.  You’ll find mostly sugar inspired treats here with a little geek and pop culture sprinkled throughout.  I’m pretty much a fangirl at heart (but I pretend it’s all for the kids) so there's lots of foodie crafts inspired by such things.  Sometimes I also sneak in healthy desserts too, well relatively healthy.  I started this site as a creative outlet for me, but it’s turned into much more than that as I’ve learned a lot and made some great friends. 

Fun Facts About Me:

  • I have 3 kids (my oldest son is almost 10 and I have boy/girl twins that are now 7!)
  • I live in New Jersey (NJ has a bad rap and most certainly doesn’t smell like cheese - ok most place don't)
  • I’m a pharmacist by training and have my PharmD degree 
  • I love anything rainbow and rainbow colors
  • I pin a lot and my fav boards are That’s No Moon (my Star Wars board) and Dark Wings - Dark Words (my Game of Thrones board)
  • My favorite color is blue-green - it’s been that color since I was 8
  • I have a goal of doing at least 1 clap plyometric push-up without smashing my face on the floor
  • I’m half Chinese and half Italian - which makes my kids 25% Chinese (but I bet no one would ever guess it)
  • I have a special place in my heart for all things 80s (even acid washed jeans and fluorescent bangle bracelets)
  • My daughter had a heart transplant when she was 8 months old - so I try to raise awareness for the importance of being an organ donor when I can
  • I have a secret love of Hostess Sno-Balls (ok maybe it’s not so secret)

And finally, if you’ve gotten this far, you may be thinking ok, I get this site, lots of crafty sugar stuff, but what does Sugar Swings! Serve Some mean? 

Well I saw this old ad about sugar awhile ago which promotes the awesomeness of sugar to probably combat the artificial sweeteners when they first came out.  Sugar swings. Serve Some is a line from the ad which I think is kinda perfect for the stuff I share.  And doesn’t Mary look like she’s having a fabulous time?? It sure does make me want to do the Watusi too!

Thanks for “swinging” by and I’m always happy to hear from readers.  

Have a great day!

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