Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Day 11 Star Wars Peeps Pops #12daysofStarWars

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Day 11 Star Wars Peeps Pops #12daysofStarWars

I think you guys probably know my slight obsession with Marshmallow Peeps right? So it probably won't surprise you that they are the canvas for my next treat.

Day 11 of #12daysofStarWars

Star Wars Bunny Peeps Pops!

For these treats I went with my favorite trio of pals that have stood the test of time through all the Star Wars movies! I'm guessing we'll be seeing them in The Force Awakens too.

This is not my first time at the Star Wars Peeps pops show.  Awhile back I did some Troopers too.  I always have fun making them and they always make my kids smile.  (If you search Peeps pops on the blog you'll see all the versions over the years)

OK we are getting close people! Tomorrow night everyone starts seeing the movie at The Force Awakens midnight shows.  Gotta try to avoid all social media and reviews until we see it on the weekend!

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How To Make Star Wars Peeps Pops

  • Marshmallow Bunny Peeps 
  • 2 cups of vanilla chocolate chips or white candy melts
  • pop sticks
  • Wilton color mist in Pearl and Gold
  • Candy melts (melting wafers) in brown, blue, black, white
  • Candy/sprinkles red circle for R2D2, yellow circles for C3PO eyes, black circles for Chewbacca's eyes and R2D2 detail, white sprinkle for Chewbacca's mouth, yellow m and m for C3PO center
  • Black edible food writer
  1. Melt vanilla chips/candy melts in microwave safe bowl.  Add a small dab to end of pop stick and insert into bottom of bunny. Let harden for 5 minutes.
  2. Dip entire bunny in white candy.  Tap off excess and let candy harden (15 minutes).
  3. Once bunnies are dry, spray one bunny with pearl color mist and one with gold color mist.
  4. Use other candy melts to add rest of detail (add 1/2 cup at a time to quart sized freezer bag, microwave in 15 second intervals until just melted, snip a corner of bag and "pipe" the candy onto bunnies). Use photos as guide.
  5. Use edible food writer to add smaller details.


  1. These are so cute! I was wondering where you managed to get peeps this time of year and then I saw the amazon link and was like, of course--Amazon has everything! :)

    I love how you interpreted the characters. They are still so recognizable as themselves, even in peep form. And I feel you on those spoilers. I've been dodging them all week on Twitter. I can't wait to take all my keyword blockers off after the movie on Saturday and go crazy!

    1. Yeah amazon has everything! I also stock up during some seasons and buy the peeps and freeze them. It works great! Thank you for commenting and stopping by!


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