Sugar Swings! Serve Some: November 2017

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Pastel Candy Thanksgiving Turkeys in Donuts

Turkey day is coming up this week in the US so that means I attempted cute turkey treats - again!

I found the most fun candy corn this year - pastel fruit cremes!  I loved the colors and knew I needed to do some fun treats with them so scooped up a bag and promptly forgot about it.

But luckily my kiddo found them and asked to try them.  

If you don't like regular candy corn - then you might like these.  Very fruity - still sweet but not like traditional candy corn.  I also had some white Lindor chocolates that someone gave me which I thought I could use for the turkey bodies (and I love it when I don't have to go buy more stuff for an idea!)

The pastel colors are so pretty!

And since I needed them to sit on top of something - I went with donuts.  Baked sweet potato donuts with cranberry glaze, which I thought was perfect for Thanksgiving.  Recipe linked for the donuts and the cranberry glaze is just some cranberry jelly mixed with a little milk and powdered sugar until you get a nice glaze-y consistency.

The rest of the turkey is a skittle chocolate, dab of yellow melted candy melt for beak, red sprinkle for waddler, and black edible marker for eyes.  Candy corn feathers are attached with white melted chocolate.

The turkeys are perched in little donut nests.  Do turkeys sit in nests? Well maybe not but they do look pretty cute all nestled in!

Well are the turkeys cute? Can you make a cute turkey? 

Thanksgiving is my fav holiday because it has all my fav foods.  Turkey, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie - all my comfort foods on one plate!  I will definitely be indulging this week! What's your favorite Turkey Day food? And let me know if you think this year's turkeys are cute!

Here are some of my past turkey attempts! Which is your fav??

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Chewbacca & the Porgs No Bake Cookies

Can we talk about the next Star Wars movie coming out this December? 

The Last Jedi opens on December 15th!

And have you seen the newest creature that is debuting? They are called Porgs and seem to be a cross between a puffin and a penguin.  Are they not the cutest?? I mean listen to them squawk:

Well as far as I can tell from the trailers they live on the island that Luke has been hiding out on but in the clip they are hanging with Chewbacca.

Of course I had to make some little porg cookies!

These are no bake and start from Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies.   Use regular sized ones for Chewy and Milano minis for the porgs.

Chewbacca is decorated with melted chocolate, candy coated sunflower seeds for eyes, and vanilla tootsie roll (decorated with brown edible writing pen and tinted vanilla candy melts) for his cross body belt.

Porgs are decorated with vanilla and chocolate candy melts (tint some gray/mustard), black round sprinkles for eyes, and black candy melts for nose and mouth.

These came together pretty quickly especially since no baking is required.

Well are you also pro-porg??!

Only 39 days until we see them on the big screen AND only 49 days until the Christmas holiday - in case you are interested!

Thanks for swinging by and have a great week!