Sugar Swings! Serve Some: April 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Carrot Gardens Made from Cereal Treats

The 60-70 degree weather on the East Coast is definitely putting me in the mood do some gardening.  Every spring we re-plant an herb garden and have been trying some vegetables here and there.  Last year we grew edamame and jalapeños.  The jalapeño plant went nuts and since you can only eat so many of them I usually left random care packages of Sugar Swings treats and jalapeños with friends.  Not odd at all right??  This year we will be trying to grow our own heirloom tomatoes so wish me luck!  I haven't tried growing carrots yet, but I think I might want to try planting some rainbow ones.  I used them awhile back to make some carrot cupcakes and I love the colors.  Aren't they so pretty?! 

Until I can grow my own real ones, I made an all edible carrot garden from cereal treats.  You can tint the cereal/marshmallow mix orange and shape like carrots or slice into the "garden" to see them "growing" inside.  

I wasn't so sure how this one would come out but I think you can see the carrot shapes in the cocoa krispies "dirt" for a different twist on the surprise inside treat.  Check out the details on how to make the carrot garden here at sheknows!

Thanks for stopping by and definitely get out to enjoy the weather!

PS if you have any tips on growing heirloom tomatoes please leave them in the comments below! THANKS!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Surprise Inside Rainbow Filled Cupcakes

Happy Spring everyone! We just had a weekend full of little league baseball and the weather was absolutely beautiful.  Thank Mother Nature that it finally is Spring.  To celebrate I made more cupcakes.  

These cupcakes will trick you though.  They seem all plain and boring right??

But then cut inside, and ta-da, RAINBOW!  Does anyone ever get tired of rainbows and rainbow treats?? Well obvi not me.  Inside or outside or both.  I'll take them all.  

She the how to here at sheknows.

Enjoy the Spring weather and better yet go watch the new Star Wars 7 trailer that just came out!

Can't wait for Dec 2015! Have a great week!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Game of Thrones - Wolf, Dragon, and Lion Oreo Cookies

Woohoo!!! Game of Thrones is back! Season 5 starts at 9 PM EST this Sunday.  Hasn't it been like forever for the new season to come back around??!

Get ready for more blood, guts, and glory in pursuit of the Iron Thrown.  All to be ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.  Seven Hells.

I made cupcakes for the series a couple years back (find them here) so wanted to do something a little bit different this time around.  I was going to make some lemon cakes - since lemon cakes seem to be the red velvet cupcake of the show - but didn't have the ingredients around this weekend.  Instead you get some Oreo cookies decorated up as some of the animals that are the house sigils.  Think of a sigil like a Harry Potter patronus - well kinda sorta.  I used the basic method for making wolf cupcakes that's in the Hello, Cupcake book which uses marshmallows to make the snout and ears and red fruit strips for the inside of the mouth.  Instead of icing I used candy melts in various colors to add detail as I wanted to be able to pick up the cookies without them being messy.  Another great tutorial for making howling wolf cupcakes can be found here on Annie Eats.  Eyes are candy coated sunflower seeds, teeth is white candy melt.  If you plan on making them (if you are crazy like me) email or leave a comment and I can give some more specific directions.

My fav family with the worse absolute luck of all time are The Starks.  Their house sigil is a Dire Wolf - think wolf on steroids.  Each of the Stark kiddos has a dire wolf as their lifetime bud.  Well most still do anyway.

And the arch nemesis of the Stark's are the Lions of Lannister.  A family with major issues and they prove that money can't buy happiness - although it makes life way more interesting in King's Landing. They are the perfect family to hate, except for Tyrion.  One minute you hate him, the next you love him - mostly you love him.  A Lannister always pays his debts so watch out.

And I can't wait for Daenerys (aka the Mother of Dragons) and her 3 cuties to come stormin' back to King's Landing to take back to the Iron Thrown which was so rudely taken from the Targaryens.

So grab your cup of ale, wine, or mead and your fav house sigil oreo and enjoy this Sunday's season opener.

There's bound to be a shock or 2 or 3 and please George R.R. Martin - finish the last book!  Thanks for stopping by and have an AWESOME week!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Waffled Cupcake Stacks

So have you ever just needed to smash up some stuff?? I have many reasons for that lately.  

1) I have to wear a dumb boot around for the next 4 weeks as I apparently have a stress fracture on top of my left foot.  

Said dumb boot
Not from some super coolio reason like I missed landing a fake ollie on the snowboard or a freak accident like an NYC taxi cab ran over it - no it's just from normal wear and tear.  How boring right?? Getting old plain stinks. And 2) Trekking around on a boot into NYC for my day job is a royal pain in the arse plus (I also really need a better story for what happened) And 3) this is throwing a major curve ball into my regular exercise routine - so my normal outlet for releasing some much needed steam is not really working out so well either.  BLAH. BLAH. BLAH.

So I took it out on some innocent cupcakes.   

But then I felt really bad and made them into cute little desserts.

With a cherry on top of course.  

See all the details for Waffled Cupcake Stacks here at sheknows!