Sugar Swings! Serve Some: April 2022

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Heart Shape Animals - Decorated Peppermint Patty Candy

cute heart shaped animal candies

There is something about cute animals that are different but look the same that I really love!  I pin these pics all the time and decided to recreate some in candy form.

How cute are these little edible animals? 
Fox, Deer, Bear, Rabbit, Koala, Giraffe, Another Bear, Tiger, and Skunk

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

Here's an example that I was trying to emulate:

I thought heart-shaped candies would be a really good canvas!

The heart-shaped peppermint patties are available around Valentine's Day time but you can also find them on Amazon.  Or if you can't find heart-shaped candies you could just use circles.  

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

Sometimes I use candy melts in various colors to decorate but this time I used royal icing as I wanted the icing to be nice and flat.

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

Dip or paint the colors onto the chocolate.  Ears and other details can also be piped onto parchment.  Wait until they are totally dry before trying to move / add to candy.  Use a dab of royal icing to attach.

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

Add the cute white cheeks and other detail for animals after the base color is dry. The noses are larger black candy sprinkles.   The giraffe and koala needed larger noses so they are made with more royal icing. 

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

The other detail is added with edible markers once all the royal icing is totally dry.  

They turned out so cute!

cute animal decorated peppermint patty candy

                                                                Which is your favorite??

Decorated Heart-Shaped Animal Candy

1 package of heart-shaped chocolates (I used peppermint patties)
2 cups of royal icing
Various colors of food gels (see photos as a guide)
Large black sprinkles
Edible food writer in black and pink

  • Prepare royal icing.  My fav recipe here
  • Color royal icing with food gels (see photos as a guide to colors needed)
  • Paint or dip each candy heart into colors.  Let dry for about 30 mins or more if needed.
  • While waiting for hearts to dry make ears and other details.  Pipe royal icing onto parchment paper.  Let dry totally before moving (at least 30 mins)
  • Add giraffe spots and skunk streak (you can add before the base coat is dry)
  • Attach royal icing detail with a dab of royal icing
  • Pipe white cheeks onto each heart and let dry.
  • Add eyes and pink rosiness to cheeks with an edible marker.