Sugar Swings! Serve Some: August 2018

Monday, August 13, 2018

Pool Inflatable Donut Treats

So I've been a little obsessed with all the trendy bird inflatables that are so popular right now.  I don't even know why (we don't even have a swimming pool - we just mooch off of our good friends) but I just love the way they look.  

I've seen some flamingo donuts that also look like the pool inflatables so wanted to try to recreate them and some others too. I got a bit carried away with my bird theme! 

Can you guess what they are?? And why ostriches and peacocks are in the water I'll never know!

Clockwise from center: Flamingo, Great Crane, Black Swan, Ostrich, Peacock, White Swan, and Canadian Goose
Start with some baked mini vanilla donuts

Glaze them with the colors of your birds (or whatever inflatable you love!)

I made the heads with some melted candy melts in various colors.  Trace them on some parchment paper and let harden. 

Attach them with some toothpicks and more melted candy and decorate the donuts like the birds.  I also attached them to some graham cracker bases to float them in "water" aka dark blue vanilla candy melts.

I thought they needed someone to ride them so gave some teddy grahams sunglasses and swimsuits!

And add a decorated bear to each of your pool float treats!

Super cute for a summer party or to say thank you for letting us use your pool over the summer!

Can you believe it's already mid-August?? 

I say this every single year but time moves even faster than the previous year.  Is that even possible? Well enjoy even the crappy parts of your day as you'll forget about it soon enough!  

Enjoy the edible pool floats and thanks for swinging by!