Sugar Swings! Serve Some: November 2020

Monday, November 23, 2020

Kawaii Turkey Sugar Cookies for Thanksgiving

kawaii turkey cookies

Happy almost Thanksgiving in this pandemic era.  I know this holiday season will be so unlike others and families may or may not be getting together.  

To bring a little happiness I made some sugar cookies as "cute" turkeys! 

Every year I try making edible turkeys for Turkey day and I try to cute them up as real turkeys are far from cute!

kawaii turkey cookies
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Start with a no spread cookie dough recipe.  I use this one from In Katrina's Kitchen and it works great every time.  It's kinda like making stuff with play-doh

I used mostly natural food colorants: 
yellow = tumeric
chartreuse = tumeric + matcha
orange = tumeric + drop orange food gel
pink = beet powder
brown = cocoa powder
green = matcha
purple = hibiscus powder
dark green = green spirulina
cream = no color

I was trying to figure out how to make the turkey feathers and decide to roll out balls and/or strips of colors

rainbow sugar cookies

Roll out 2 discs of color (1 slightly larger for the back and a smaller one for the head).  Then mix and match colors for tail feathers and smush them down a little.

kawaii turkey cookies

OR you can roll out longer feathers and use brown discs for more traditional turkeys

kawaii turkey cookies

Once baked add a candy-coated sunflower seed for a beak

kawaii turkey cookies

Use a black food writer to add eyes and use red candy melt to add the gobbler thing!

kawaii turkey cookies

The short and squat turkeys took way less time and I think they may even be cuter!
kawaii turkey cookies

Do you think turkeys are cute? 

kawaii turkey cookies

But more importantly, which do you like better??

kawaii turkey cookies

Happy Thanksgiving & Stay Healthy!!!