Sugar Swings! Serve Some: November 2019

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker D-0 Droid Cupcakes

So I'm back (finally!) with another new Star Wars treat! 

Have you seen the adorably cute new droid in the last and final Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker movie??

It's name is D-0 and we love it already!

My kids say it looks like a desk lamp on a wheel and that's probably pretty accurate.  
I for sure knew I had to make some.

It's relatively simple too.  You'll need Bugles snacks, white fudge dipped mini Oreo Thins Bites cookies, and some round vanilla candy melts/wafers.

Dip the Bugles in melted vanilla candy wafers and assemble using melted candy as the "glue"

Use one of the melting wafers as a base so you can stand the little droid up.  Add details by painting on gel food color or you can use edible markers.

I think there is only one D-0 droid in the new movie but I made a small droid army!

I used them as cupcake toppers so whip up your favorite flavor - chocolate is always a hit around our house.  I also crushed up some regular and chocolate graham crackers to look like dirt or dust since he doesn't look super clean in the released pics.

Also since he's part of the rebellion (I think??) - I made up some Rebellion logos by melting some orange candy wafers and tracing the logo.  Once hardened add a little wear and tear with a black edible food marker.

Add some frosting, sprinkle on the "dirt" and add D-0 and a logo

Super cute right??

I really really hope this 9th movie in the Star Wars saga is a great one.  1) Because I love the series and 2) Because I'm tired of the critics picking every movie apart.  

These days we need movies to escape a bit and to just enjoy.  Real life is hard enough so lets try to agree that each person can enjoy a movie and just because someone else doesn't - doesn't mean it's terrible.  Life would be very dull if we all thought and experienced life in the same way.  I think sometimes we forget that. 

Thanks for reading - I know its few and far between these days but hoping to get back into the *swing* of things!

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Edible Star Wars D-0 Droids

  • Bugles crackers
  • Mini white fudge dipped Oreo cookies
  • White/vanilla candy melt / wafers
  • Black candy melt / wafers
  • Edible food writers in black and dark green (or you can use food gel colors)
  • Silver circle sprinkles
  1. Snip the very end of the small end of Bugle off and smooth flat; dip in melted white/vanilla candy wafers; let dry 10 minutes.
  2. Cute a rectangle shape from white candy wafer (see photo above)
  3. Using melted white candy wafers assemble; start with flat white candy wafer as base then glue the Oreo (body), then the square piece of candy wafer (neck), then the dipped Bugle (head); let dry 10-15 minutes. 
  4. Add D-0 detail using edible markers or dip into edible food colors. Let dry
  5. Using melted black candy wafer - add line from center of body to the neck.  Add silver sprinkle to center (use photo as guide)
Prep time: 60 minutes for about 20