Sugar Swings! Serve Some: mini hostess sno ball cake pops.....!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

mini hostess sno ball cake pops.....! as soon as i heard that hostess was filing for bankruptcy for the 2nd time....i kinda panicked......because one of my guilty pleasures is their hostess sno balls..... know these things....

....i was thinking of stocking up on some sno balls....but figured i'd do some mini ones which have been on the "to do" list for awhile now.....

.....does anyone else besides me and my sister really love these things?....something about chocolate cake with creme filling covered in marshmallow and coconut...!....even made big "balls" here (haha) of course had to try them mini as well....

hostess snoballs the cake pop thing.....start with chocolate cake....crumble and mix with some chocolate frosting....then shape into half circles like the sno balls.....

...using "the cone" method described in this post.....cut out some of the cake mixture to add some creme filling....

....i had some leftover coconut buttercream that i mixed with a little marshmallow fluff for this.....then close the hole with the cake mix you removed....

....add a stick if you like and freeze....then dip just the top in some vanilla candy melt/wafter/almond bark....whatever you use....

....and immediately cover in the tinted flaked coconut....(sweetened coconut tinted by adding a little food gel to a zip lock baggie with the coconut).....

....and you get some.....

mini hostess snoball cake pops

.....the traditional pink sno balls are my favs.....but i really like the pastel colors too....and they would work for a spring party or even easter too....! did i mention they are mini sno ball cake pops....??

mini hostess snoballs

....have an awesome week and enjoy your president's day off if you get it.....i do...woohoo....taking my little one to michael's tomorrow---it's our girl day out :)


  1. These are SO adorable! Time to pin!

  2. I agree w/ Sue - PIN to WIN with these - how cute --> spring has sprung!

  3. These are awesome and are for some reason reminding me of Easter!

  4. Oh my heck! This is awesome! So stinkin' cute! And YUM - I'd eat them all!!!

  5. how cute is that, I have never had a snow ball, but these I sure want to try.

  6. Now if we just lived closer, with my Hostess Cupcake look-alikes and your snowballs, we could have a nostalgia party. XOXO

  7. My husband loves Snoballs! These are really cute and tasty looking:)

  8. These are so cute! i love all the pretty colors!

  9. Wow... these are adorable! I would eat way too many though since they are pop sized! lol I have a project party every weekend if you would like to join and link up your great ideas!
    I hope you will come! xoxo-Rachel


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