Sugar Swings! Serve Some: October 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Best Halloween Costumes - Marshmallow PEEPS Style!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Simple Candy Owls

So what is it about owls that everyone loves so much? The cuteness? The smartness? The funny faces? The all-knowingness? The killer bird of preyness? Who knows but they definitely are all over the place.  I would place bets that owls are the most pinned animal over on pinterest.

So I made some.  And they are pretty simple, and use up that candy corn you may have laying around too.  You need mini York Peppermint Patties as the base. I actually had some Easter egg shaped ones stashed away from earlier this year, but you can use regular round ones too. Or you can use any kind of chocolate candy you can find in the shape.

The rest is candy corn for wings, candy coated sunflower seeds for the beak, pre-made candy eyes (but you can make you own too from candy melt), and Wilton candy melts for the rest of the detail and to attach the other candy items.

Then just position the wings in various ways to give them some of that owl cuteness and character everyone loves so much.  Add some sprinkles on their tummies too if you like.

Candy corn comes in so many varieties now, so you can mix and match.  And if you don't like traditional candy corn Starburst even have their own now!

And that's pretty much it.  Great on their own or add them as toppers to cupcakes because who can resist the cuteness of owl cupcakes?  And if you want to see similar but different candy owls, we made these for Valentine's Day one year.

Thanks as always for stopping by, have a great week!

P.S. Here's a little peak into my fancy photo shoot set up aka my kitchen table.  I often have a curious kiddo wander into the "photo shoot".  They always want to know why I'm taking pictures of stuff - or maybe they are just hungry! 

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Oktoberfest Beer Donuts

So I'm putting a pause on all the Halloween stuff for a bit.  I made beer donuts to celebrate the Oktoberfest season! I don't really need a season to put booze into stuff.  I kinda like to experiment with sweets that way.  I've tried beer jello, beer cupcakes, beer blondies, and now beer donuts.  

Is it Donuts or Doughnuts??
There is beer in the donut batter and beer in the glaze.  You can probably use any beer you like for this (please don't use Bud Light!).  My hubby has quite the obsession with craft beers, so at any time we have a few 6 packs in a variety of beer styles squirreled away.  I used Ballast Point's Sculpin which is an India Pale Ale.  Side note: Did you know a sculpin is a fish with teeth and venomous spines? It also is the only fish that produces adrenaline? I learned that from beer, go figure.

I found the recipe over at Foodista which sounded relatively foolproof.  Once you get all the ingredients mixed up, add the beer to the doughnut batter, which makes it nice and foamy!

Oh and these are baked not fried, so let's pretend they are way healthier for you.  

Baked up and right out of the oven, they are super tasty.  There is a subtle beer flavor too, but since many beers these days are flavored with orange, lemon or other spices - it totally works in baked goods.  This recipe also has fresh nutmeg (my fav!) and cinnamon so it really is a nice Oktoberfesty treat.

The original recipe just rolled the doughnuts in powdered sugar BUT if that's not enough beer flav for you, go ahead and some to a glaze.  

Beer Glaze:
6 Tablespoons of your beer of choice
About 1 and 1/2 cups of powdered sugar

Mix well.  Add more sugar or beer to get the dipping consistency you like.

And who doesn't like a donut with some glaze and sprinkles?  So of course I added some to these (totally optional if you don't but that's just kinda weird :)

Eat one and watch the latest Simpson's Treehouse of Horrors! That would be a total win-win.  
Enjoy and have a great rest of your week!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cereal Treat Pumpkins

Does anyone else really love the General Mills Monster Cereals besides me?  I don't know why, they are all sugary and silly, but there is just something about them.  I don't let the kids eat them for breakfast, but making desserts from them is totally acceptable.  A couple years ago I did some different treats with Frankenberry, Boo-Berry and Count Chocula.

And look what I found the other day, a new monster cereal Fruity Yummy Mummy! WHAT??! Well apparently after doing some google research, this was available back in 1989, but discontinued in 1992.  It kinda tastes like an orange creamsicle.   Go figure, I thought I knew all the Monster Cereals.  There was even one called Frute Brute - which was discontinued back in '82. (See not only do you get fun treats on this blog, you also learn too.  OK maybe you'll be answer a random Trivial Pursuit question. You're Welcome!)  

Love how the cereal looks like little pac-man ghosts!
I figured an easy treat to make with them would be cereal treats.  Use the regular Rice Krispie Treats recipe, and just substitute the new cereal for the Rice Krispies.  And cut into squares.

And although they were good, they needed a little something more.  Add a little green candy melt and a piece of pretzel stick, and you get Cereal Treat Pumpkins!  

Ok ok ok, I know they are square pumpkins and all and could possibly look more like peaches, but I'm sticking with calling them little pumpkins! Either plain or dressed up, they are fun little treats.

And if you are really interested, looks like Target has all the Monster Cereals this year in their retro packaging! It's like it's 1980 all over again! I'm ready to bust out some metal roller skates and neon friendship bracelets.  Boo-Berry has always been my fav, but must try the Frute Brute!

Fun, right?? Anyways, I love this time of year and all the fun Halloween Treats showing up everywhere.  You all are so creative!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glam Skeleton Head Brownie Cupcakes

So is anyone else kinda tired already of all the orange, black, and yellow colors for Halloween? I know right, it's barely October so how can I be bored with it already?? Probably because I've been over at Pinterest way too much lately and there's all sorts of Halloween treats and crafts being showcased over there, pretty much since the end of the summer.

But I 'm still excited for some Halloween treats - but just in some different colors.  Hence the glam'ed up skull cupcakes.

First some candy skulls - in pink, light blue, purple, white and black.  These are simple too, just add some candy melt to some ice cube tray molds- at let the candy re-harden.  I get alot of the molds for real cheap at dollar stores or Target.

I had wanted to make these glittery skulls, but didn't really have any edible glitter and guess what, I tried this homemade glitter (which is everywhere on Pinterest).  I'm not sure where the original idea comes from but it didn't really work for me.  Not "glittery" at all.

So instead I just brushed the skulls with a little water and dipped them in regular granulated sugar.  I guess it kinda works, but not really the look I had in my head.

Plus I thought they needed a little something-something, like pearl eyeballs.  Pearlized sprinkles always makes stuff fancy, no?

Twist a toothpick in the bottom and you have some instant cupcake toppers.  I added these to a boxed brownie mix baked as cupcakes.  Pipe some pink buttercream on top and add more black sprinkles and a few more pearl sprinkles.  If you have spider or skull candies, throw them on too.

And you can make a cute couple.  That's sorta halloween-y in a cute, spooky, fancy way right?

And Happy October peeps! Otherwise what I call "The Month of Pumpkin Spice Everything!" I loves me a pumpkin spice latte and all, but really pumpkin spice candy corn? or pumpkin spice Pringles?? pumpkin spice pasta???? pumpkin spice Seltzer???? That's just crazy talk.  Everytime I see another pumpkin spiced flavored something or other, this is what I have in my head:

Thanks for stopping by, always appreciated! Oh and if you have made homemade edible glitter and it worked for you, please let me know your secret! Is it magic??!

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