Sugar Swings! Serve Some: May 2018

Sunday, May 20, 2018

HBO's Westworld Cupcakes

Any Westworld fans out there? 

Westworld is HBO's series about artificial intelligence, robots, and how they're being used for parks and recreation in addition to other dark and mysterious projects.

Spoiler alert!!! Do Not read on if you aren't caught up!

In this second season we've learned that the robots aka "hosts" are powered by a "brain" that you can extract and view their programming and memories.  Host brains or power sources are white.  

They are also attempting to clone humans and actually upload a person's consciousness.  Those are the red "brains".

As soon as I saw them I thought they looked like cupcakes so just had to make some host and clone "brain" cupcakes!  I know it's a little weird and dark but they do!

You can see more about how these white "brains" work here and apparently you can take them out and hook them up to any tech.  They must have universal ports!

Also what we're learning is that there are orbs inside that are printed with a human's "consciousness".  They may be called chestnuts and we've only seen the red ones.  I don't know yet if the robot hosts also have orbs but I made them anyway (out of cake bite mixture) for symmetry!

Red orbs are red velvet cake bites and white orbs are funfetti cake bites - well because the robot hosts are more fun at this point in the series.

Take each of the cake bites and put them in the center of the cupcakes aka power sources.

Then bake up as normal

Frost with some red frosting for the clone "brains"

And white for the host brains

Then enjoy!

The series is exploring some really deep stuff like what does it really mean to be human.  Or should humans live forever.  Or if robots evolve to consciousness do they become human.  Really deep stuff that makes my mind hurt sometimes thinking about these things.  That said the show is great and I really enjoy it immensely each Sunday! (and yay it's Sunday!)

Maybe the better solution is a little bit of both

Have a great week and thanks for swinging by!