Sugar Swings! Serve Some: legos legos and more legos...!

Monday, August 23, 2010

legos legos and more legos...!

...that's what we do around here...especially this summer when school is out....i wonder how many of these....

we have...its got to be in the gazillions and if not it sure feels that way....i used to try to keep sets together (me and my type A personality and all), but now they just end up in the lego ether as we call it (along with the hundreds of dollars spent on them!)....i have to say the kids are really creative with them, so guess that's a plus...

...these were for the lego fanatic(s) around here...not sure who's the bigger lego maniac, the 6 y/o or the 40 y/o but either way they were fun to make and definitely had lots of candy and sugar to keep a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds going for a play date/birthday party.

...the lego dudes are made from candy melts (each color zapped in a plastic zip lock in the microwave for a minute or so) then snip a corner and "pipe" the candy into the lego dude ice cube tray, and freeze for a few end up with a bunch of these:

...used a chocolate cake recipe (because most kids like chocolate cupcakes, right?) and topped with vanilla buttercream tinted yellow...edged in mini m&m's...oh yeah, also before baking added one of these inside each:

....which ended up looking like this: gave the cupcakes a neat texture thing with some salty going on...i would have added more than 1 but wasn't sure how it would have turned out and since they were for 5-6 year olds I didn't want to chance the..."ewwww, i found something in my cupcake, yuk!" the end they were pretty tasty!

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  1. These little men absolutely look like the real thing! I too used to try to keep them separated. Many years and lots of plastic containers later, I finally learned that it can't be done. Now they are in the attic waiting on grandchildren. I'll save this recipe for them too! These are precious!

  2. I love legos! These are awesome! My husband's birthday is coming up...he might get a kick out of these. :)

  3. How fun! I've seen those lego guys, but didn't know it was an ice cube mold. Brillant!
    Thanks so much for joining in the fun on Cupcake Tuesday and the Challenge!

  4. Awesome idea - how did you stop the trunk and leg colours from running into each other?

  5. I am madly in love with this!!! honestly!! and u gave me such a brilliant idea with the ice tray....
    Ive got the same question as twilightcupcake thou, how did u stoped them from running into each other?

  6. I will do a post of the process of making these lego guys, as I've gotten a few questions on that...basically you need to have all 3 colors of candy melts ready to go....fill half the head area, half of the body area (in different color), then half of the leg area (in 3rd color)...tap the tray to get rid of air bubbles, then repeat to fill the sections. It takes a few guys to get the technique down but its quick once you get the hang of it....! thanks and if you make them, let me know or send pics!! GL -michelle

  7. You are soo amazing. All your ideas are off the chart creative and out of the box. YOur flavor combos sound so festive and fun. You NEED to go on Cupcake Wars and show them how it is done! Thanks for sharing your inspirations and works of art.


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