Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Moon Beer Cupcakes!

...yep beer cupcakes...these were for a visit to awesome friends @ lake wallenpaupack....wanted something a little different and my kids are totally sick of cupcakes so made them for the adults....the cake was made with real Blue Moon beer, orange zest, coriander, etc and the icing was cream cheese based but also with beer and orange kinda like a Blue Moon beer with an orange...!

...the logo is fondant, yup fondant....tinted shades of blue and royal icing for the details....i guess not too bad for my first attempt at using the stuff....not sure how'd I'd do with an actual cake and fondant...i never really liked play doh (the smell is really nasty) and I totally failed in high school working with clay (wish i had a pic of that travesty--but lets just say it looked like a cross between a mug and a sad gargoyle) I'm a bit fondant phobic and it's taste/texture is definitely no buttercream! ....but that said, you can do some neat stuff with it....

...overall these were good, the cake was more dense (kinda like muffin texture), maybe it was the beer and buttermilk worst critic gave them a thumb's up so that must be a good sign...!..ran out of steam a decorated the other half with pieces of oranges...

NOTE: you know Blue Moon beer has jumped the shark when your mother in law drinks it...

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  1. That is my way favorite beer. I know what I am serving at hubbys bday party now.


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