Sugar Swings! Serve Some: How can it be mid-august already...??!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How can it be mid-august already...??!

...remember when summers would go on forever?..when waiting for the next school season to start, for halloween, or for christmas to get here seemed to take an eternity?...i guess now we're grown up *adults* and time now moves in light years...and on Aug 10th, there is now halloween stuff on store shelves already...that said, i can see that "slow moving time" watching my kiddos--when they cannot possibly wait 5 minutes because that seems like forever....a car ride to an amusement park an hour away, seems to last for days to them.....and i LOVE it (for me anyway), and yep, time does slow down for kids (as it should, they are kids!)...and moves at warp speed for us....pretty soon, they'll be in school, graduating from high school, then college, and married with their own kids, lives and hopefully minor problems...but for now they are having the slowed down summer of 2010 when they are 5, 3, and 3....."life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it"...indeed very sage advice ferris.... what exactly are they doing this summer?...they are just being school, no camp, no formal activities...we're just taking it day by day...week by week....we've been to amusement parks, the beach, parks, gone swimming, the zoo, visiting family and friends, but in general just playing....and also watching baseball!!!...our 5 y/o thinks t-ball sounds good so we're getting him into the game and basic rules...he's really good at reading the scores while the games are on and is a little obsessed with pitch counts...he's actually got a really good arm (although hubby is bummed he's a righty) are definitely never too young or old to love matter what team you root for...(however we all know the best team ;)

baseball cap cupcakes!

vanilla cupcakes with chocolate chips...the tops cut off a little, flipped upside down, and then iced in vanilla buttercream. Accents are m&m's on top and white buttercream stripes (hard to pipe even straight stripes with a kid hanging on your leg) and fondant brim....the kids loved these! of the kiddos got to the orange cap!


  1. These cupcakes are just precious!

  2. So cute! I had to show my youngest, we made some last wkend to take to his baseball party, but didn't do them this way. Your idea is much easier. Thanks so much for adding them to the Cupcake Challenge!

  3. wow looks that good.
    really too good to eat... even if I would like to try ;)


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