Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Marvel's WandaVision Character Cookies

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Marvel's WandaVision Character Cookies

 Wanda Vision Cookies

I'm so glad Marvel Studios made some alternate plans for show series since we're all stuck at home.  Our family has been watching WandaVision and we're hooked! 

It started out way different with Scarlet Witch and Vision in some old TV sitcom series but it has really taken off now and I'm curious to see how they pull this all together.  I can't even really give you a plot or who is good versus who is bad.  Just watch it for yourself!

Of course I had to make some treats to celebrate the show!  I went with no spread cookies in some of the show's characters. 

 This is my favorite no spread cookie dough recipe by In Katrina's Kitchen. It works great everytime!

Wanda Vision Cookies

Mix in edible food gels (or you can also go with natural food colors) and then just shape your cookies.

Wanda Vision Cookies

It's a little like using play-doh and really fun.

Wanda Vision Cookies

I used some of the new WandaVision emojis from Twitter when you hashtag some of the WandaVision keywords. They are super cute!

#Wanda and  #TheVision or #WandaVision

I also had to do the twins from other pics

Wanda Vision Cookies

Some of the supporting characters are my favs!

Agnes the neighbor - although there is more to her than meets the eye!

Wanda's brother Pietro (or is he?!)

Darcy - love her from the Thor movies and she brings the same to WandaVision


Monica Rambeau - I'm sure she's got a back story to tell too!

Wanda Vision agnes darcy pietro monica rambeau Cookies

I love them all together!

Wanda Vision Cookies

Can't wait to see how this series wraps up

Wanda Vision Cookies

I totally agree WandaVision! Looking forward to the next episode tomorrow!

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