Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Mickey Mouse & Friends Pretzel Snacks

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mickey Mouse & Friends Pretzel Snacks

I can't stop making sweet and salty pretzel snacks.  I think I may have a problem - but in my defense they are so easy (and portable) and fun to do.  Plus in general most people love the salty and sweet combo and they tend to get gobbled up at parties.  This time I used Mickey Mouse and his friends as the theme because who doesn't love Mickey Mouse?  Well my 10 year old doesn't but he's in that "I'm a big kid now and don't like baby stuff" phase - for some reason he thinks Disney is for babies, obviously he's got a lot to learn about life!

I like to use the square pretzels as the base, then just add candy melt/wafers in assorted colors.  Add the candy melts to a plastic freezer bag, microwave in 10 second intervals until just melted, snip a corner and "pipe" the colors on.   

Add some sprinkles here and there before the candy is hardened to give some detail and you are pretty much done.  

They really are super simple.  I call them minimalistic or abstract Mickey and Friends so I hope you can guess who is who but just in case here they are:

Here are some other fun sweet and salty pretzel snacks you might like too!
  1. Snowflake Pretzel Snacks to go along with some Disney Frozen movie cupcakes
  2. Pretzel Snacks in football team colors for a Super Bowl party
  3. Gold and chocolate pretzel snacks for an all gold dessert display 
  4. Christmas Ornament mini cookies, cereal, sprinkles to look like little xmas ornaments
  5. Minion Pretzel Snacks for the Despicable Me movies
  6. Flag Pretzel Snacks for Memorial Day

7. Frozen Character Pretzel Snacks - because we must #frozenallthethings!
8. Little Birdie Pretzel Snacks - cute little birds made from jelly beans in a rainbow of colors
9. Super Hero Pretzel Snacks - you can't go wrong with Superman and Wonder Woman!

The patriotic flags are my most shared pretzel snack yet - again super easy for your upcoming 4th of July parties. Last year I was at a party and someone randomly brought these - can't tell you how much that made my day!

Happy almost Father's Day to all the dads out there! Hard to believe we are heading into the end of June already.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of your week!


  1. I always love your pretzel treats. It's great that you included other characters aside from just Mickey!

    1. Thanks Beth! Love Mickey and all his friends!

  2. Hooray for Disney goodness! These are too cute!! Thanks so much for sharing! Pinned ;)
    Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate


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