Sugar Swings! Serve Some: KISS! (Day 6 of Peep Pop Week)

Friday, April 6, 2012

KISS! (Day 6 of Peep Pop Week)

Kiss Peep Pops we are almost there!!!!!! celebration of all those peeps on the shelves this time of year.....i've decided it's Peep Pops Week!.....7 days of nothing but peep pops with a different theme every day here.....!!!


DAY 6 is KISS Peep Pops....! know these guys.....

Kiss Peep Pops!

...what screams spring or easter more than KISS...?....ok ok ok kidding---but KISS in peep form???....They would definitely dig that.....

and by They i would mean Paul Stanley aka "starchild", Ace Frehley aka "spaceman, the kiss marketing guru Gene Simmons  aka "the demon" and Peter Criss aka "catman".....

....and i'm not really part of the KISS army.....but i have to respect a band that still makes the make up and costumes work after almost 40 years....and they market it ingeniously!....i mean look at all this KISS crap you can buy....i mean a KISS casket???! (and gene simmons if you are reading this....we can definitely offer KISS peep pops in your store....have your peeps talk to my peeps.....

...1 Day left of Peep Pop Week, Stop by tomorrow for the last one!

p.s. AND come on make some peep pops---they are SO flippin' easy!...if you do send your link to me (your link to your blog post or even pics if you don't have a blog and i'll feature them in a wrap up post!....send to )

disclaimer: i am in no way getting paid or compensated by the marshmallow peeps company...i just really have fun doing this :)


  1. I've never liked KISS, but your KISS Peeps are amazing and I DO like them!!!

  2. haha, thanks Sue! A little something for everyone this week :)

  3. Replies
    1. thanks Lora!! I had a lot of fun with the KISS peeps...actually they were one of the first i did :)


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