Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Super Hero Villain Gingerbread Men Cookies


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Super Hero Villain Gingerbread Men Cookies

Super Hero Villain Gingerbread Men Cookies

Hey all, it's only 5 days to Christmas! My kids are already so excited that they already are too excited to go to sleep and feel like everyday is taking forever.  I miss that feeling - I'm in a bit of a panic as I still feel like I have a bunch of stuff to run around and get.  The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas flies by faster and faster every year.  I guess I'm just old now!

That said, I did make time for gingerbread men as that's always a request from my kiddos this time of year.

I do them every year with a new theme, this year is:

Super Hero Villains!

Super Hero Villain Cookies

I've done super heroes before here so figured it was time to give their arch enemies some equal blog time.

I started with my favorite blank canvas - gingerbread men cut outs.  I used a gingerbread cookie mix to speed up the process, but of course you can use your favorite homemade recipe as well.

Do some prep work with royal icing and then add detail with melted candy wafers (I have almost every color they come in) and various sprinkles and edible food writers for more detail.

I just googled pictures for all my favorite villains - like the rebooted duo of Harley Quinn and Joker from Suicide Squad!

Harley Quinn and Joker cookies

Mystique from X-Men is one of my favs too - escorted by Thanos and Magneto of course.

Thanos Mystique Magneto cookies

It's actually hard to pick a favorite villain.  I mean who would you pick? Cat Woman, Poison Ivy, or the Riddler?? They are all so unique and fun.  I was only going to do a handful but then had a hard time narrowing them down!  Go figure.

Poison Ivy Cat Women The Riddler Cookies

Ultron got a little funky but I love Venom's red tongue!  I don't know Red Skull as well but one of my kids said he was a must - he's the archenemy of Captain America, apparently.

Ultron Red Skull Venom cookies

And of course the trio from Batman.  (The Penguin's umbrella is a candy coated pretzel stick!)

Mr. Freeze The Penguin Two-Face cookies

A couple of docs (as in Doom and Octopus) and Loki - Thor's evil brother - is he really evil or just misunderstood?? Don't really care and I love him regardless!

Doctor Doom Doc Ock Loki cookies

And for those of you that can't blend comic book universes (you know who you are!), here they are with their own "kind"!

Marvel Villains

Marvel villain cookies


DC Villains

DC Villain cookies

I've been making gingerbread men over the past few years so it's kind of a tradition now.  Who would you do next in gingerbread form?

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!

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