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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Little Alien Cupcakes

After making some little eskimo cupcakes over the winter, I wanted to go in a totally different direction with a different kind of little candy people - very different.  Aliens!  

When I make these little people (and I've made them a lot! See below) I use vanilla tootsie rolls as the heads and a Hershey's chocolate bell as the body.  The body is then dipped and decorated with more candy melt and some various sprinkles until I get the right look.  

Well I always end up getting the bag of assorted flavors of tootsie rolls which also has lime, lemon, and orange.  I really wanted to make little guys using these colors too - since they are so bright and colorful and cute little aliens seemed like a perfect way to use the colors.

Tootsie rolls don't come in blue (although I think blue raspberry would be a great addition!) so I used some blue raspberry laffy taffy for that one.  

Microwave the tootsie roll (or laffy taffy) for about 5 seconds or until just soft.  Remove 3 small pieces (for nose and 2 arms) then roll the large piece in your hand into a ball.  Attach it to a Hershey's chocolate candy bell with some melted candy wafers.  Once hardened, dip the body in more melted vanilla candy wafers.  Once hardened, add detail on the body with more melted candy.  Eyes are candy coated sunflower seeds which are attached with - yep, more melted candy wafer.  

I sprayed the bodies with some silver Color Mist to give them a neat metallic look.  Add tiny arms and your alien army is complete.  Use them as is for your favorite little outer space fanatics or pop them on some cupcakes.  Edible "space rocks" aka candy coated chocolate rocks finished off the look.

You can see the basic how to make edible candy people (without fondant) here.  

Like these little Eskimos

or these Woodland Gnomes

or these Pilgrims

Or Witches

Or Santa

Or girl and boy Gnomes

I told you I make a lot of these little people.  I may have a little problem!

Have an awesome weekend!

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