Sugar Swings! Serve Some: fourth of july uncle sam cupcakes....!


Saturday, June 2, 2012

fourth of july uncle sam cupcakes....! i'm a little early for 4th of july....but i couldn't wait to post more little edible dude toppers.....after doing gnomes here and leprechauns here....i went to sleep one night thinking of little uncle sams' (is that weird i go to sleep thinking of edible little dudes?)

buttercream piped with a wilton #104 tip

...the hat's are made the same way as the marshmallows dipped in white and blue candy melt...

....then add that to a little red disc (made out of red candy melt)....and let harden.....add a star sprinkle (attach with some more candy melt).....add stripes with edible food writer (try to keep your lines straight...obviously i draw on an angle!)

 ...the guys are made from a vanilla tootsie roll, a hershey's kiss, and more candy melt.....nuke the tootsie roll for about 10 seconds until just squishy....

  • roll tootsie roll into a ball
  • chop the very tip of the kiss off
  • attach the tootsie roll ball to kiss with candy melt, let harden

  • add a little bit of white candy melt to center of kiss (like in pic) - i just put some candy melt in a zip lock baggie, snip off end and piped some on
  • dip the sides of kiss in blue candy melt to cover all the chocolate except the white section and let harden

  • add hair with more white candy melt and attach hat while still wet
  • add tie with 2 sprinkle hearts on their sides
  • add beard and eye brows with white candy melt
  • add eyes with edible marker 
  • add nose and arms with skin toned candy melt (i did this with white with a tiny bit of orange candy melt mixed in)
....and you get a bunch of these little guys....!

....i'm not gonna lie, if i had to make 100 little uncle sams' i might have gone bonkers.....but i did a half dozen and it was fun :)  once you do 1 or 2 you kinda get the hang of it you can make them way ahead of time (i wrap them up in plastic wrap and store in a cool spot until needed).....added these to some homemade chocolate cupcakes with some vanilla buttercream....i also had some fun red and blue pin wheels so added a couple of those as well.....

....anywhoo hope you like 'em....i have a couple other ideas rolling around using this same basic concept for making little dudes (or possibly dudettes) so don't be surprised if you see more sometime soon...!

thanks as usual for stopping by....this blog is such a nice distraction from real life sometimes, so thank you all for indulging over here :)

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  1. Your little people/characters are always so over-the-top detailed and adorable! Beautiful job!

  2. I can't think that far ahead...but I'm glad you do; these little Uncle Sams are adorable!

  3. WOW! These are absolutely adorable! What amazing work you do!!!

  4. Holy stinking know this is amazing right??!?!?!

  5. I am so impressed! When I first saw these, I never imagined they were made using marshmallows, Tootsie Rolls and Kisses. Amazing! I've pinned it!

  6. The details! The cuteness! I love these little dudes! :0)

  7. Wow these are amazing!! I'm really impressed with how you made them. I'm sure they will be a huge hit for any 4th of July party :)

  8. Oh my! You made those?! They are fabulous!!!!!

  9. Ohmigosh you are so totally creative! Works of art. Love them!


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