Sugar Swings! Serve Some: bubble guppies cake with cotton candy buttercream...!....!


Monday, May 7, 2012

bubble guppies cake with cotton candy buttercream...!....! if any of you have may know the bubble guppies (a show on nik jr)'s actually a really cute show (they are "bubble guppies" but kinda like little mermaids---3 girls and 3 boys) and it's a show all 3 of my kiddos enjoy (even if the 7 year old does put up a stink sometimes---he doesn't watch "baby shows" anymore....)

....the fish are pepperidge farm goldfish with melted candy melts for the face....

...the bubbles are large edible sugar pearls (and some little blue ones on top too)....the seaweed is made from green candy melt....

...all the bubble guppie characters are made with candy melt....just print the pics you want, put a piece of wax paper or parchment over the paper,  and "color" in with the candy melts (let harden at least 20 mins or so)....i've done it a gajillion here and here....and it's great because you can make them way ahead of time and just store in a cool place until needed....

 ....the cake (guess i failed to get any pics of the inside) is a 4 layer doctored chocolate devils food cake mix (use 4 eggs and replace water with 1 cup of buttermilk)....also added chocolate chips and a couple of generous squirts of hershey's chocolate syrup.....the frosting is made with this stuff...

.....have you seen this in stores yet?...duncan hines frosting creations and there are a ton of flavors...this one is cotton candy! you are supposed to add one powder packet to a can of their frosting starter (which just seems like a can of their vanilla frosting) but i decided to add it to a batch of homemade buttercream as i didn't want the frosting to be over the top cotton candy flavored....

....i was kinda skeptical about using them at first but wanted to give them a go....

....i love the light blue pretty!

...and of course had to test out on some cupcakes (those of you on instagram may recognize these :) the flavor was actually very pleasantly surprising....not too overly sweet with the cotton candy flavoring...and since i used homemade buttercream you could still pipe easily (i read some reviews that the frosting with too soft to pipe when you used their frosting starter with the packets as per the directions)

.....and actually perfect on a chocolate cake!....this worked out great for the bubble guppies cake since the color was perfect for a "water" background....and i just spread it on thick and wavy....added the characters (just pushed them onto the cake until they stuck in the frosting) and added the other details....seaweed, crabs, sugar pearls.....done!

Happy Birthday to my Greta!
....and happy birthday to my twins! they turned 5! totally big kids now and i'm loving every single moment....i love seeing them interact with each other and their older's really amazing sometimes and i catch myself just watching them a lot these days....i know one day i'll look back and try to remember when they were 5 (just like i do now when i look at their newborn pics).....the time really does move at warp speed it seems and i really try to enjoy every single stinkin moment these days...!

ps max's cake is coming rhymes with shmider span and totally turned everyone's mouth red and black....!

happy monday and have an awesome week.....sharing at these fun blog hops too.....stop by and see some more amazing stuff!


  1. OMG! My granddaughter would love this! How creative and colorful:-D

  2. completely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love bubble guppies!

  3. What a cute cake(and daughter)! I have some of that bubble gum flavoring too, but haven't used it yet. I just wish it was colorless so that I could choose my own. The blue worked perfectly for your cake:)

  4. This is the cutest cake!! Happy Bday to the twins!! so cute :)

  5. Oh my gosh! This is the cutest cake EVER!!!! You did an amazing job! We love Bubble Guppies (my daughter says "even though it's a baby show") This is so cool!!!

  6. So cool. My daughter has considered bubble guppies for her birthday party coming up. She just saw this, and I think her desires were solidified. Great work. I've never used this technique and would need to practice. Great work. I've never seen cotton candy frosting either. Fun idea.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!Your recipe is being featured today at Menu and Party Idea Round Up from Cast Party Wednesday #40!
    Thank you for sharing your recipe with us!
    Have a GREAT week---Sheryl---

  8. How cute is that!? Such a great cake. (PS, those bubble guppies remind me of snorkles...was that what they were called? Back in the 80s?)

  9. This cake looks great! I wanted to ask you a couple questions about making the characters out of the candy melt. How far ahead of time can you make the characters? How long can you store them? Do they need to be kept in the fridge?
    Finally, Do you melt the candy melt to a specific temperature? or just until it is able to be piped?
    Thanks for any info, I'm planning my daughter's first Birthday party, looking forward to surprising her with her very own guppy cake!

    1. Thanks!! I made the characters about 2 weeks ahead. I left them on a cookie sheet and covered with plastic wrap and stored in a cool spot. I did not refrigerate and they were fine. I melt mine in a zip lock bag for 10-20 second microwave intervals until i get the consistency I want Hope that helps! Good luck!!

  10. what number tip did you use on the cupcake frosting??

    1. I believe that was wilton tip #199, love that one!


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