Sugar Swings! Serve Some: Where the Wild Things Are (Day 7 of Peep Pop Week + Giveaway!) (updated with winners!)


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Where the Wild Things Are (Day 7 of Peep Pop Week + Giveaway!) (updated with winners!)

Where the Wild things Are Peep Pops we're finally here....Day 7 of Peeps Week here.....i can't believe you all stuck it out with me all week! celebration of all those peeps on the shelves this time of was 7 days of nothing but peep pops with a different theme every day here.....!!!


DAY 6 was KISS Peep Pops

and finally Day 7 is Where the Wild Things Are Peep Pops!

Please don't go. We'll eat you up. We love you so.

Where the Wild Things Are Peep Pops

....this is one of my all time fav kids books.....and we have a max at home too---and i'm not saying he was named for the character in the book.....but he is pretty good at wild rumpus'ing! i really hope you enjoyed my week of Peeps!....I had a lot of fun and tried to include Peeps themes across a bunch of different, kids shows, artwork, sports, geekness, books.....i could have gone on and on though....(although it may be quite awhile before i do any peeps themed posts again!)

....and lookie at some fun peep pops made out there in the web world....!

zombie peep pops from Ang from Tribute Sweets!...can zombies be cute? ('cause these guys surely are!) are THE best Ms. Ang! for reals...!

and christi from love from the oven always has some pretty awesome peeps recipes to share....

...and ali from gimme some oven also has some killer peep pops as well!

....and look at these awesome pikachu peeps from the infamous bakerella!

AND as a thank you for visiting and checking out all the peep pops ALL WEEK....i'm giving the Famous Artwork Peep Pops to one of you....

Artwork Peep Pops

...all you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your fav peep pop of the week....follow this blog for another entry and leave a comment that you do, and follow me on FB for another entry, and leave another comment---if you already do those things, just leave comments and say so....

.....i don't care where you live---so i'll get them to you---although i'm not shipping them in an icepack---so hopefully it's not super hot where you live :)  Giveaway ends on April 15th - so your comment has to be dated by then and importantly----leave a way to contact you back--like an email!! i'll pick a random comment using

--the winners (yeah decided to give away 2 sets of peep pops!) are Erin and HannahW---congrats to you both!!!!--contact me if i haven't emailed you already)

...THANK YOU again for following along this week, i really did have fun with this (although I may never look at a marshmallow bunny peep quite the same way....!)


  1. I think these ones are the best... Guess I'm just biased to the book :)

  2. It is hard to pick a favorite, but I'd have to say these are my favorite! Where the Wild Things Are is such a cute story and I love the details on the pops!! :)

  3. I have to pick just one favorite???? Not possible! They are all absolutely amazing!!! But I think you totally rocked the KISS ones (no pun intended!) =o) I LOVE THEM!!!!

  4. Of course I follow you! You rock!

  5. And I follow you on FB! Again... 'cause you rock!

  6. You are too much! These are so GREAT! If I have to pick, it will be the Beatles:)

  7. I also follow you on facebook! :)

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog to check out my peep pops! They were fun to make and even better to eat! You mentioned that you would include mine in your list. I don't see me - but that's ok. Thanks for stopping by anyway. Loving your blog. :)

  9. Came here from Made by You Monday! Oh my goodess how awesome! The Beatles are my favorite (with The Wild Things a close 2nd)

    Here are the Easter dresses I made Bunny, her cousins, and her dolly.

  10. definitely the Heavy Metal KISS peeps! Although, they are all great!

  11. I tweeted about your giveaway. Would that count as an entry too? =o)!/EMakingMemories/status/190224085614211075

  12. Wow! Those are some pretty beautiful peeps! :]

  13. I love these the best. Hands down! It's my favorite children's book!

  14. Oh my heck! I tweeted it again =o)!/EMakingMemories/status/191358117848678400


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