Sugar Swings! Serve Some: ghost cupcakes in fall flavors...!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

ghost cupcakes in fall flavors...!

ghost cupcakes i guess i'm jumping ahead like all the retail stores and posting halloween treats already....well if you can't beat 'em...join 'em....right?....

....the weather is getting a little crisp here on the east you can't help but start thinking about fall and all the flavors that go along with it....i've been a pinning nut on pinterest lately (me on pinterest!)...and have been meaning to do some different fall flavor cupcakes that i have found around the blogosphere....and although i love all the traditional fall pumpkin, apple, carrot, etc...i wanted to try different ones as well.....

....these little guys are:

ghost cupcakes in fall flavors

....and the colors are pretty much all from the veggie/fruit and/or spices used....i love the way the colors came out.....don't the colors work well for fall....and for halloween...?

....i may do some "how to" posts on some of the flavors because they are a little uncommon...but in general they are a little denser than regular boxed cake cupcakes....but very moist, and very tasty..... case you are interested though...the recipes are linked for chocolate and red beet, avocado, butternut squash, and ube...(the maple cinnamon is just some left over boxed vanilla cake mix...about 3-4 cups....with about 2 tablespoons of maple syrup and 2 teaspoons of cinnamon added).....

fall flavor cupcakes you can really taste the flavor of the cupcake...just topped them with some good old cool whip...and then decided they looked like why not add some eyes and a mouth.....(made with some black candy melts)......

ghist cupcakes

....and you get some little spooky ghost cupcakes in some unusual fall flavors for this halloween....!

ghost cupcakes

.....oh and if you make these....i found it's better to not say what the flavors are....i took them to a family party and just said there were a bunch of flavors....then asked what kind they thought they were....some guessed wrong...but a couple guessed right....but 1 or 2 did say they would have never tried a "beet cupcake" or "avocado cupcake" had they known the flavors ahead of time....!...but it's always good to try new things right...?...except weird animal parts like gizzards and tripe and eye of newt or any of the plethora of dishes andrew zimmern seems to thanks, will stick to lots of sugary sweets instead...!

...thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week!

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  1. I would love to see future posts on how to make all of these awesome and different flavors! They look great! Cute little ghosts too!

  2. the idea of these flavors is just awesome! LOVE the ghosts...dare I say the are CUTE??!!

  3. Never too early for Halloween!! These are adorable, love the colors!

  4. So Cute!! I've been looking for halloween stuff; and I've got beets that need to be harvested. Thanks for linking to Mouthwatering Mondays :)

  5. Haha, now I'm following two of your boards on Pinterest... Nice to find a fellow pinning nut! :D

  6. Cute cupcakes! Love the colors, and especially the flavors! Very innovative!

  7. The Ghosts are so cute. I love the fall colors.

  8. What a cute idea! Love all the colors/flavors for Fall too!
    Thanks for sharing on Cupcake Tuesday!

  9. Your cupcakes are so cute! I love the natural coloring1 Would you come over to CAST PARTY WEDNESDAY tomorrow and share your recipe with us?
    I hope to see you there!

  10. Aww your ghost cupcakes are too cute! Great idea for Halloween :) Super fun. I am your newest follower, lovin your blog!

  11. Could these be any cuter??? I think I need to pin them!

  12. I hope you like STICKERS because you just got one...

    I'll be featuring you tomorrow during STICKER time!


  13. how awesome! I would love to see how you made those flavors! Glad I stopped by the Sweet Tooth blog party!


  14. We just featured your cute cupcakes on our new Fun Finds Friday!

  15. My daughter and I were just admiring these adorable cupcakes... so, so cute!

    Happy Foodie Friday!


  16. Those are so creative! And I prefer cool whip over frosting any day! I'd love for you to link this up with Creative Me Monday! You can link up through tomorrow night... here's the link:

    Hope to see you there!


  17. These are really cute and I love all the flavor. I will have to give some a try. I featured them on my blog tonight.

  18. Those are the cutest looking ghost cupcakes ever!!! I am very intrigued by all your flavors, so I can't wait for follow up posts:-)

  19. I love the colors! I would love to sample some of these flavors. And, the ghosts looks really creamy and delicious. I'd like to invite you to share your recipe on Sweet Indulgences Sunday.

  20. It was your name that first drew me to your site and your great ideas that keeps me coming back and I’ve awarded you with The Versatile Blogger Award! View my blog to see the details. I hope it helps to bring you new readers. Marla

  21. These cupcakes are adorable - just found you via Tatertots & Jello. Your blog is so fun and I was wondering if you might be interested in co-hosting my Holiday Sweet Swap - a link party for holiday/seasonal treats that will run from 10/1 - 12/31. Here are the details:

    Hope to hear from you :)

  22. I saw these on Tatertots and Jello a few weeks ago and we just tried making some of our own. My post about them with a link back here will be up on my blog tomorrow morning. We used frsoting, cake mix, and chocolate chips.

  23. Stumbled upon this via Pinterest! My kids cannot have artificial dyes, so I am always on the lookout for fun things with natural colors. Thanks for the cupcake recipes!


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